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Fay WeldonFay Weldon CBE

"Mention the Bridport Prize and the eyes of writers everywhere light up.

"It's not just the money - though that's not to be sneezed at - it's a prize really worth fighting for in terms of prestige and genuine literary accomplishment."

Fay Weldon CBE, patron

Euan ThorneycroftEuan Thorneycroft

"We think the prize always throws up fantastic writers and it has great standing within the literary world."

Euan Thorneycroft, A M Heath & Co Ltd


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“It has been a great opportunity to participate in the Bridport Prize and to find myself swimming in the company of those with such wonderful imagining, poignancy and wording”.

Gabriela Paloa, (Israel), Highly Commended, flash fiction competition 2017

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