Monica Ali

Monica Ali is an award-winning, bestselling writer whose novels include Brick Lane, In the Kitchen and Untold Story. She was chosen as one of Granta’s 2003 Best of Young British Novelists. Her work has been translated into 26 languages, and she has judged a number of literary prizes including as Chair of the Asian Man Booker. Her writing has appeared in numerous publications including the Guardian, the Times, The New Yorker, and the New York Times, for which she is a literary reviewer. Monica has been a guest editor of BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, and has presented several editions of the Radio 4 show, A Point of View. She is a Fellow of the RSA and of the Orwell Prize. She has taught creative writing at Columbia University, New York, where she was a visiting Professor, and she is currently Distinguished Writer in Residence at the University of Surrey.

Monica says:

“I will be looking for stories that are strongly voiced, and that are not simply undernourished versions of authorial restraint. I would like to read stories with some humour in them. I do not mean comedy, although I do not rule out comic stories - would welcome them, in fact. If the stories address real world matters, so much the better. If they simultaneously take some risks, bend genres and contain even a glimmer of humour that would be yet better. I am hoping for stories that bring together character, theme, setting and whatever other craft element in actual scenes, rather than simply long meditations and pretty sentences. I also like pretty sentences. I thirst for characters that are unpredictable, surprising, maybe even loathsome, or perhaps entirely endearing. I crave, above all, stories written with urgency and earth shattering emotional honesty. The ring of truth, that’s it, that’s my bottom line”.

Blue (Short Stories)

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