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Judge: Patience Agbabi


1st prize  £5,000 (approx 7890 US$, 6340 Euro)

2nd prize £1,000 (approx 1570 US$, 1260 Euro)

3rd prize  £500   (approx   785 US$,   630 Euro)

10 supplementary prizes of £50 each

The top winning flash fiction, short stories and poems and will be published in the Bridport Prize 2015 anthology

The top 4 poems are submitted to the Forward Prize for best single poem

Remember to delete any identfying marks on your submission before uploading your poem

Remember that the file name of your uploaded entry MUST BE the title of your poem.  If it is untitled, use the first line of your poem

You will be able to upload your poem entry when you go to checkout

List price: £9.00
Price: £9.00
Sorry, we are not currently accepting entries for the competition.