Here you will find details and biographies of our wonderful judges from the past few years 

2017 Judges

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JUDGES (from 1988)


YEAR              POETRY                                 SHORT STORY                    FLASH FICTION

1988               Lawrence Sail                      Martin Booth

1989               Philip Gross                         Alexis Lykiard

1990               John Mole                             Margaret Drabble

1991               Owen Davies                       Philip Glazebrook

1992               Helen Dunmore                  Martin Booth

1993               Roger Garfitt                        Peter Benson

1994               Lawrence Sail                      Brian McCabe

1995               Selima Hill                            Alexis Lykiard

1996               Glyn Maxwell                       Michael Dobbs

1997               Paul Hyland                          Martin Booth

1998               Roger Garfitt                        Charlotte Bingham

1999               Tobias Hill                             Peter Benson

2000               George Szirtes                     Lynne Reid Banks

2001               Maura Dooley                      Kate Atkinson

2002               Jo Shapcott                           Tobias Hill

2003               U A Fanthorpe                      Rose Tremain

2004               Paul Farley                            Jim Crace

2005               Andrew Motion                    Maggie Gee

2006               Lavinia Greenlaw                 Jane Gardam

2007               Don Paterson                       Tracy Chevalier

2008               David Harsent                      Helen Simpson

2009               Jackie Kay                              Ali Smith

2010               Michael Laskey                    Zoë Heller                            Zoë Heller

2011               Carol Ann Duffy                   A L Kennedy                        A L Kennedy

2012               Gwyneth Lewis                    Patrick Gale                         Patrick Gale

2013               Wendy Cope                        Michèle Roberts                  David Swann

2014               Liz Lochhead                        Andrew Miller                     Tania Hershman

2015               Roger McGough                  Jane Rogers                         David Gaffney  

2016               Patience Agbabi                  Tessa Hadley                       Tim Stevenson

2017               Lemn Sissay                         Peter Hobbs                        Kit de Waal

“It’s incredibly affirming to have a poem placed in a competition as prestigious as the Bridport. As well as the immense personal pleasure, it’s really satisfying to know that the few verses you’ve worked on in solitude for so long have communicated their essence, the meaning you wanted them to have, to someone else."

Caroline Price (UK) - 3rd place Poetry competition 2016

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