2013 Shortlists

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Poetry shortlist (alphabetical order by first name)

A J Hodson

Adam Wyeth

Agnes Cserhati

Alana Farrell

Alison Falkonakis

Andrew Geary

Ann Perrin

Ann Segrave

Barbara Stone

Ben Johnson

Bob Rogers

Bronwyn Lovell

Callum Hackett

Carole Coates

Catherine Faulds

Catherine Lawson

Charles Evans

Charlotte Muse

Christopher North

Christopher Twigg

Claire Cox

Clare Best

Claudine Toutoungi

Clifford Hughes

Clive Birnie

Cody Walker

Colin Heber-Percy

Copland Smith

Csilla Toldy

Cynthia Miller

Daisy Behagg

Deborah Harvey

Dena Fakhro

Denise McSheehy

Dian Hendry

Dilys Wood

Dimitra Xidous

Doreen Gurrey

Dorothy Yamamoto

Elisabeth Sennitt Clough

Elizabeth Hare

Emily Goldman

Emma Stack

Eve Grubin

Fiona Lesley Bennett

Frances Cotter

Frances Knight

Gavin Bryce

Gina Wilson

Graham Burchell

Graham Powell

Helen Etty

H. V. Goddard

Hilary Menos

Ian Dudley

Ian Patterson

Iris Woodford

Isabel Bermudez

J L Brooke

J. Iribarne

James Manlow

Jamie Alcock

Jamie McGraw

Jane Blank

Jane Draycott

Jane Howard

Jane McLaughlin

Jennifer Perrine

Jenny Danes

Jenny Pollak

Jessica Murray

Jill Flanders

Jinny Fisher

Jo Bell

Joan Hewitt

Johanna Boal

Jonathan Hadwen

Josephine Abbott

Joy Blake

Judy Brown

Julian Broughton

Julie Lynn

June Hall

Kate Andrews-Day

Katharine Craik

Kathleen Jones

Ken Sullivan

Kierstin Bridger

Kim Addonizio

Kirsten Irving

Kirsty Piotrowski

Kristen Lang

Kristina Bicher

Kristina Bicher

Laura Wainwright

Laura Watson

Lauren Bolger

Les Jones

Leslie Tate

Linda DuPret

Lisa Brockwell

Liz Hall

Lola Haskins

Lorn Macintyre

Lorna Tait

Louise Furre

Lucy Maxwell Scott

Luigi Coppola

Luke Haskard

Lydia McGill

Marcus Cumberlege

Maria Lax

Mariah Whelan

Marie Coveney

Marjorie Lotfi Gill

Mark Cooper

Mark Totterdell

Marsha Barber

Martin Fitzpatrick

Marty Smith

Mary J Whistler

Mary Woodward

Meghan Flaherty

Melanie Swetz

Michael Duke

Michael Horwood

Michaela Ridgway

Michelle Lovric

Naomi O Leary

Ned Mcfeely

Nell Wilson

Nick MacKinnon

Padraig Rooney

Pat Borthwick

Pat Winslow

Patrick Amon

Patrick Brandon

Paul Carroll

Paul Little

Paul Stephenson

Phil Davey

Phoebe Walker

Pippa Little

Rashid Maxwell

Rhonda Batchelor

Richard Berengarten

Richard Evans

Richard Halperin

Richard Scott

Rob Wright

Robert Maslen

Robin Thomas

Roland Fischer-Vousden

Ron Carey

Rowland Moloney

Sallie Durham

Sarah Wardle

Sarah Wedderburn

Shahilla Shariff

Sharon Black

Sheila Cohen

Shirley Waite

Sinéad Cooper

Sophie Collins

Stephen Santus

Sue Banister

Sue Kindon

Susan Savage

Susannah Hart

Ted Bruning

Thomas Gunther

Tim Reeves

Victoria Kennefick

Virginia Astley

Wes Lee

Yvonne Harkin

Zaffar Kunial

Zanna Beswick


Short story shortlist (alphabetical order by first name)

Alex Aspden

Alex Crisp

Alex Ruczaj

Alexander Barr

Amberley Turnell

Anne O'Brien

Annemarie Neary

Barbara Leahy

Barry Lee Thompson

Benjamin Dipple

Bruce Walbran

Carole Burns

Caroline Price

Catherine Chidgey

Catherine Harris

Chris Stanley

Christine Mustchin

Claire Parkin

Clare Fielder

D Artis

Danielle McLaughlin

Darren Guest

David Armstrong

David Thame

Dima Alzayat

Eliza Ives

Elizabeth Edelglass

Emma-Jane Hughes

Enid Harlow

Eve Thomson

Fflur Dafydd

Georgina Weaver

Gerry McKeague

Gillian Best

Jane Borges

Jennifer Mills

Jennifer Olds

Joanna Campbell

Joanne Rush

Joe Hackett

John Murphy

Josh Barkan

Judit Kiss

Jude Brown

Julia Breens

Julie Fisher

Julie Mayhew

Kate Buckley

Katherine Orr

Kathy Page

Kerry Hood

Lee Dawkins

Lezanne Clannachan

Lucinda Croft

M M DeVoe

Mahesh Rao

Mai Nardone

Manus McManus

Marinella Mezzanotte

Martina Ryan

Mat Thomas

Melanie Unruh

Michelle Wright

Mona Awad

Naomi Funabashi

Niall McArdle

Nike Sulway

Noel O'Regan

Owain Johnstone

Pamela Todd

Pat Winslow

Paulette Livers

Peter McClelland

Philip Kerrigan

R.J. Powell

Rebecca Swirsky

Rob Smith

Sam North

Sarah Harris Wallman

Sheila Crawford

Susanna Gendall

Teddy Trattles

Teresa O'Brien

Terry Mergenthal

Thea Smiley

Thomas Chadwick

Toby Marples

Tom Newman

Vicki Jarrett

Flash fiction shortlist (alphabetical order by first name)

Alison Wilson

Andy Jenkins

Barbara Leahy

Bob Newman

Brindley Dennis

Claire Collison

David Barnes

David Karosick

David Steward

Gabriela Cohen

George Newell

Gordon McPherson

Graham Mort

Gregory Jackson

Helen Pizzey

Ian Humphreys

Jane Roberts

John-Paul Sivori

Josephine Rowe

Judith Wrubel

Kate Davis

Katy Hastie

K M Elkes

Lela Tredwell

Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

Lucho Payne

Margaret Sessa-Hawkins

Michelle Allford

Michelle Wright

Nicholas Ruddock

Nigel Tomlinson

Norman Miller

Oana Marian

Paddy Scott

Paul Stephenson

Penny Rogers

Rebecca Swirsky

Rebecca Taylor

Rosemary Temple

Sanaë Lemoine

Sara Kellow

Sarah Baxter

Sarah Bianchi

Sheila Llewellyn

Sian Williams

Stephanie Scott

Valerie O'Riordan


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"This has been a seismic boost to my self-confidence as a writer. I am very conscious of the high reputation of the Peggy Chapman-Andrews Award and to be selected as the runner-up from such a large pool of ardent first novelists, was as surprising as it was affirming.

My challenging manuscript assessment from The Literary Consultancy has given me just the direction I need to hone and improve "Orphaned Leaves" for submission to agents in 2017. This was a such an amazingly useful prize to receive. It's given me so much to build upon.

I particularly appreciated the one-to-one advice I received from the judges of the competition after the presentations. One of the long standing traditions of the Bridport organisers is the calibre and high profile of the judges they select, yet without exception they were all so approachable and down to earth.

"When I am asked what is my enduring feeling towards the Bridport experience, the answer is simple: it is gratitude".


Christopher Holt (UK) Runner-up, Peggy Chapman-Andrews Award for a First Novel 2016

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